Peter Kuhn

Dragon and Tiger

Martial Arts Stories for Children

written and compiled by Peter Kuhn, translated by David Brueske, edited by Julie Cornillie
illustrated by Lisa Henke

Forewords by Yuriko McCarthy, coordinator for the International Ryūkyū Karate Research Society; Iain Abernethy, Karate 7th Dan; Natalia Grybos, Karate 2nd Dan & Martin Minarik, Karate 4th Dan, co-founders of the international NGO Martial Arts for Peace

Contributions by Dominique Brizin, Florian Hartnack, Peter Jentzen, Carolin Kraft, Peter Kuhn, Thomas Leffler, Sebastian Liebl, Eric Mbarga, Martin Joh. Meyer and Petra Schmidt.

large size 6,9"x9,7", 232 p., 45 mostly full-page color illustrations by Lisa Henke
Hardcover, sewn, with bookmark,
ISBN 978-3-948378-11-0

Dragon and Tiger is a varied and lovingly illustrated collection of traditional and modern stories about wisdoms and truths that we associate with the martial arts. Girls and boys, craftsmen and princes, monks and masters, animals and mythical creatures inspire our imagination with their experiences and invite us to empathize, reflect and ask questions. Whether in the gym or at home, for reading aloud, reading yourself, or retelling: The stories are enriching – not only for children …

“I would like to congratulate and thank the authors and the illustrator of “Dragon and Tiger” for producing such a wonderful book. I am confident that readers will enjoy it and be encouraged by its timeless messages while bringing deeper meaning to both their martial art study and life’s journey itself.” (Yuriko McCarthy)

“I love this book! The combination of the vivid storytelling and beautiful illustrations make it enchanting … truly a magical book.” (Iain Abernethy)

“… perfect for martial arts instructors, but also for teachers in general who will find this book especially helpful when teaching children values of mutual respect, inner calmness and peacefulness. Confronting children and young people with these topics is a wonderful addition to traditional martial arts training itself.” (Natalia Grybos & Martin Minarik)

“An unusually comprehensive and qualified work in which two symbols of martial arts – the dragon and the tiger – play a special role. I am convinced that it will be enjoyed by a widespread audience. I can recommend this book to anyone interested in martial arts.” (Fritz Noepel, 9th Dan Hanshi, Gōjū-Ryū Karate-Dō)

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Drache und Tiger. Kampfkunstgeschichten für Kinder